Neuroxinate: The New Brain Oxygenator



Did you know that while the brain accounts for only 2% of your body mass, it receives more than 20% of your body's blood supply? Why? Because optimum brain function requires a huge and continual supply of life-giving oxygen. That's right... Oxygen.


xygen is the fuel your brain needs to control virtually everything your body does... not only memory, cognition, and judgment, but also physical performance like coordination, your reflexes, and balance.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the amount of oxygen being delivered to our brain begins to decline. And if you're over 40, odds are you've already noticed the effects of reduced brain oxygenation: you're feeling forgetful and not as mentally sharp or physically coordinated as you once were.

That's where Neuroxinate can help. It's the first and only non-prescription, easy-to-swallow capsule specifically developed to do one thing, and one thing only... significantly increase your brain's uptake of life-enhancing, mind-sharpening oxygen*.

The Neuroxinate compound's clinically tested ability to replenish brain oxygen levels is absolutely vital to ensure your continued quality of life.

It can help you experience the renewed focus, clarity, and quickness of an adequately oxygenated brain... especially if you’re over 40.

Discover Neuroenhancement

Thanks to a newly revived scientific discipline called neuroenhancement, the search for a truly effective “Brain Oxygenator” is finally bearing fruit. Neuroenhancement is all about the exploration of the use of certain compounds to improve the power of your brain… helping you respond faster, remember things more easily, and think better and more quickly than “normal.”

The Hard Facts

Neuroxinate is a result of neuroenhancement’s advancements. Its key compound was studied on men and women ages 50-75 using high-tech fMRI (functional MRI) testing, which measures metabolic activity — like blood flow and oxygen exchange — in specific structures of the brain. After taking Neuroxinate’s highly specialized key compound, study subjects had increased blood flow (which means more oxygen) to the memory center of their brain — the hippocampus — demonstrating higher connectivity to vital brain regions. This, of course, led to improved cognitive measures. In plain English, Neuroxinate’s functional compound oxygenates your brain*, something especially important for every single one of us who still wants to function at our cognitive peak… even after we turn 40.



Specifically developed to increase blood and oxygen delivery to the brain, strengthening functional connectivity to vital brain regions, improving both judgment and memory, supporting motor coordination and balance, and optimizing measures of cognition.*

A newly revived scientific discipline called neuroenhancement focuses on utilizing certain compounds to improve the power of your brain… helping you respond faster, remember things more easily, and think better and more quickly than “normal.”